Darom Adom - The flower blooming festival in the Negev

The largest festival in the Negev desert is probably the "Darom Adom" ("Red South" in Hebrew) which officially begins in early February. However, in addition to that, the southern region, the Negev, and the Be'er Sheva District are beautiful and colorful for exploring throughout the year

The festival "Darom Adom" is called so because of the red carpets of flowers that bloom every spring in the months of February and March in the Negev region, in southern Israel

The Negev is a tourist area full of attractions and activities suitable anyone who are seeking nature trips, blossoms, museums, historical sites, special hiking trails, agricultural tourism, wildlife, and offer a wide variety of options

Please see some of my recommendations for your next visit to the Darom Adom

Coffee at Sivuv Ba'Atar HaShachor (Black Arrow)

In the heart of the forest, near the Black Arrow Monument, you will find a food track with coffee, breakfast, and refreshments

החץ השחור - אנדרטת "החץ השחור", אתר הנצחה לחיילי הצנחנים שיצאו להגנה על גבול עזה
  • Sportive Navigation Activity in Nature at Agur

    You can participate in a special activity for groups or families in the nature or at tourist sites throughout the country

    For more information, contact: 052-3516818

    Visit Kibbutz Gvulot Kibbutz

    Gvulot is celebrating its 80th anniversary and invites you to enjoy accommodation in cozy rooms and a heated swimming pool in the winter. Guided tours and a kibbutz-style lunch are also available, offering a tasty and unique experience

    Contact and reservations: 054-7919003

קבוצה במשחק ניווט עם מפה טופוגרפית, כתב חידה ופרסים
פעילות גיבוש לצוותים, משפחות ומטיילים. כתב חידה מיוחד באזור דרום אדום
טבע ירוק בדרום הארץ - חבל לכיש, הנגב הפורח בימות החורף. הכל מתכסה בירוק וכיף לצאת לטיול בטבע
  • GrovTech

    GrovTech is a technological experimental center that spans from space exploration to gaming, offering a wide range of experiences for all ages

    Iron Sheep Heritage Museum

    The museum located in Kibbutz Tze'elim is a historical gem with a personal story that treasures the history of our heritage


מקומות לטיולים מיוחדים בדרום. חומת ההפרדה בכרם שלום

Kerem Shalom

A pastoral lookout from theseparation wall to the Gaza Strip border at Kerem Shalom. During the tour, you can gain inspiration and empowerment from the people that cope with these challenges and also participate in artistic performances

Contact for more information 052-8119473

רעיונות לטיולים והמלצות - נוף ירוק ופורח בדרום
בואו לקחת חלק הפרויקט אומנותי של ציורי קיר
  • Brewery "ISS" in the village of Dekel

    Stop by to enjoy a hospitality experience for groups, explanations, and tastings

    Contact: 054-6429598

מבשלת בירה בנגב. ביקור עם חוויה. בדרך לדרום האדום עוצרים לאטרקציות

How to get to the Red-South festival

As for the flowers, you will mainly find them in the northern and western Negev

In order to reach the flower concentrations of Darom Adom (Red South), you can use Waze or Google Maps to navigate to the following locations: Yair Shokeda Forest, Be'er Marva, Beteronot Ruhamah, Makhtesh Bari Nature Reserve, Mitzpor Yonatan and Ramon, Devira Forest, Porat Nature Reserve, and also keep an eye out on the sides of the roads as you driveinformation before visiting

אירוח כפרי מפנק, אירועי תרבות, בתי קפה ומסעדות, מסלולי טיול מיוחדים, הכל בנגב הצפוני
אירוס ישראלי. פרחי ארץ ישראל, מקומות לטייל בשבת בארץ

Please note that the availability and blooming times of the flowers may vary each year, so it's always recommended to check the current conditions and updated

I hope you enjoy your visit to the magnificent south of Israel

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