What happened on the 7.10.23?

The Hamas terrorists attacked Israeli civilians at various locations

The Israeli people awoke on a Saturday morning to a horrifying reality. Thousands of rockets were fired at Israeli villages. Moments later, thousands of Hamas terrorists invaded houses, killing people one by one, taking hostages, and using children as human shields for their protection.

As families sought refuge in shelters, the Hamas set fire to the houses with people inside, and when anyone attempted to escape, they were shot in cold blood..

Simultaneously, a nearby music festival turned into a horrifying massacre. Attendees, dancing at sunrise, were gunned down, some were trapped and burnt inside their cars while attempting to escape. Others were taken hostage, beaten, women subjected to sexual assault, and marched to Gaza. The evidence indicates that many of them were shot at close range in the head.

Young people dancing were taken to gaza hostages
People dancing at the party were taken hostages or killed by hamas terrorists

Hundreds of the hostages, after forcefully had to stroll into Gaza, were paraded before cheering crowds. They were dragging the bodies of the killed through the streets.

In the village Kfar Aza, in the south of Israel Hamas terrorists murdered and beheaded 40 babies and infants.

Video footage depicting the brutality of Hamas is being proudly distributed to showcase their "superiority." Now, Hamas is using both Gaza civilians and over 150 Israeli hostages as leverage to prevent Israel from bombing Hamas targets. They threaten to publicly televise executions as a deterrent.

Houses burned in Israel by hamas terrorists
Houses burned in Israel sometimes when the people were still inside

Hamas has managed to surpass even ISIS in its brutality, carrying out the burning and execution of children, the elderly, and young people. As of today, October 10, more than 1,500 people have been killed in Israel, with the majority being civilians, and over 3,000 others have been injured. Sights and numbers like that were not seen since the holocaust.

This brutality is integral to Hamas's strategy, as they understand that Israel and Israeli army will go to great lengths to protect the innocent, so they deliberately position them for this purpose. Every Israeli death is considered a victory, while every Palestinian casualty is seen as a bonus.

Iran played a significant role in training, planning, and possibly even orchestrating the attack on Israel. This serves a political purpose, demonstrating that neither Israel nor America is all-powerful and discouraging other Muslim Arab states from establishing peaceful relations with Israel.

Another purpose is to encourage the Hezbollah movement in Syria to launch attacks on Israeli settlements from the northern side, near the Lebanon border, with the aim of forcing Israel to divide its military forces. As we've seen happening since yesterday, many people have had to seek refuge in shelters, and more reserve soldiers have been mobilized.

 Taken by hamas terrorists to gaza, War in israel hostages


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