It's a true story, as my friend told me a few days ago. The family approved it to tell and share 🙏

Story of Uriel, the Hero

A few days ago, I received a message from a friend: "son of my cousin was killed in the war."

Two days latter he told me about the funeral. "The soldier's funeral was difficult. Tears flowed from my eyes. A procession with a coffin wrapped in a flag and young soldiers. There were few soldiers he saved before he was killed. They said he was a hero.

The rabbi, or perhaps it was someone else, said that he is watching over all of us from the sky. The crying mother said that she does not want him in the sky, she wants him here.

People were crying. Suddenly, we heard more crying and weeping coming from 10 meters away, from another funeral, for another soldier. And all the while, in the background, we could hear the "boom" sounds of missile interceptions, probably from Rishon LeZion. Surreal.

The father remanded strong because someone had to, but you could see the pain.

A couple of minutes after the funeral had ended, I was in my car when the sirens started wailing. I stoped the car and crouched behind a stone fence and watched the small cloud of smoke from the missiles above us. This is our reality now..

Uriel Segal hero of Israel saved many lives on the Hamas deadly attack
Uriel Segal Hero of Israel

This is a story of Uriel Segal

Uriel was 19 years old. He lost his life in the battle at Kisufim. Uriel is a hero of Israel, he fought and saved other's lives until his last moment.

On the 7.10.23 ..

There were approximately 30 soldiers in the camp during the holiday when the attack began. Terrorists infiltrated to the camp and started murdering everyone who was there.

At that time, Uriel and some other soldiers were in the camp's dining room. The terrorists started throwing grenades inside.

Uriel caught the grenades with his hands before they exploded and threw them back at the terrorists. Time after time, grenade after grenade… until the last terrorist shot him dead.

Two of his friends were injured during the battle, but eventually managed to eliminate the terrorist.

At his funeral, they spoke about his incredible bravery and thanked him, saying, "If not for you, we wouldn't be alive today." Only a few survived the battle in Kisufim.


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